New Zealand Wellington Mission

New Zealand Wellington Mission
Beautiful Scenery

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hamilton New Zealand Temple

Tasman Sea

Tasman Sea

Entry to the Temple Grounds

                                          Our Zone: Pres & Sis Kezerian, Us, Elder & Sister Packett
                                          the Sister Missionaries and all the Elders
                                           Our Flat

Pukekura Park

                       Our District Elder Falanitama, Elder Strausser, Elder Lammi, Elder Robins,
                                  Elder Russon, Elder Cerros, Sister Hirschi, Elder Hirschi
                                         Elder Russon "Going Home Tomorrow!"
Mt. Taranaki

Sunday, October 16, 2011

David Counselor in the Taranak District Presidency

"Forget Me Not"
David was called and sustained to be a counselor in the District Presidency before he even arrived in New Zealand. Went from Elder Hirschi to President Hirschi. His wife isn't sure what to call him. President is Harry Gaastra. A great man with a wonderful wife and family of 9 children. We are filled with speaking engagements for the next few weeks trying to introduce ourselves to the 4 branches in our District. It is the Taranaki District with branches in New Plymouth, Waitra, Howera, and Maniah. There are 6 Elders serving in this District with Dave and I. We are having a Zone Conference tomorrow in Palmerston North (a three 1/2 hour drive). Looking forward to the training we will receive there. It's rained every day we have been here, but it has also had sunshine every day. One of the Counselors in the Branch Presidency in New Plymouth said where we live is called "Ingle-mud" instead of Inglewood because of all the rain we get. Yesterday we had an incredible afternoon. We've seen lots of beautiful sights. Happy to be here and getting about the work we were sent to do.

Our first week in New Zealand

We arrived in New Zealand on October 12, 2011. We traveled from Auckland to Wellington.

It was a rainy day on our arrival and flights.

In Poirua

Island off the coast of Poirua, hidden under clouds.

A White Knuckle experience at first learning to drive left, keep left, think left, and breath left.

Swiss Highland Cow, the first I had ever seen.

A common sight. Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand.

Beautiful Garden Walks at Pukeiti near Mt. Egmont (Taranaki)

Elder Hirschi and President Harry Gaastra

Double Rainbow outside our kitchen window on our first Sunday Morning.